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:star::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::star:Episode Review of W.I.T.C.H. Season 1 Episode 11: The Stone of Threbe:star::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::star:

Rating: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty:


The episode starts off in Meridian where a group of Lurdings are mining for minerals when they discovered a mystical, green, seven-pointed, star-shaped jewelry. We'll get back to this later because apparently it's very important.

Meanwhile on Earth, Hay Lin and Caleb are taking customers' orders when suddenly a rancid stink is driving customers away. Guess who brought in the big stink? Yep, Blunk is back and worse, he has been dumpster diving for "treasure" to pawn, making his usual stink worse by a hundred times. Seriously? We're going to focus on this worthless little troll? The health inspector is coming to score the Silver Dragon soon and if he is hit with the stinky smell, the Lins will lose their business. Hay Lin enlisted the help of the other Guardians to give Blunk a bath or else her family will be in big trouble. Will said yes, but they can't use their powers to do it since Caleb is going to give a nagging lesson after their debacle with Mr. Collins. Of course, knowing Will, she'll give you a "good" reason to break this promise. Hey, Blunk's smell is so bad and rancid that she'll justify it as "evil" enough for them to transform to give him a bath. They decided to just toss Blunk into the river to clean him, but as luck would hold it for him, the little troll managed to climb onto a boat carrying garbage! They were about to go after him and give another attempt to clean him when they notice a man with a net looking for butterflies. Not wanting the old man to add them to his scientific discovery, they duck into the grass to hide, making him think that he's hallucinating. Time to transform back into their Earthly forms and deal with the Blunk situation later. Hey, at least he's far enough away from the restaurant while the health inspector's there, right?

Going back to Meridian, the seven-pointed star, called the Stone of Threbe, is putting a huge smile on Phobos's face because with it, he can find his sister more easily than ever. He orders Cedric to put it into effect and the snake-man hung it in the window of his bookstore in Heatherfield. Once activated, we see the shadow of a familiar girl getting a dizzy spell. Yeah, it's Elyon, based on her hair, clothes, and voice. Without realizing it, the Stone drew her to it, forcing her her to "steal" the stone from the shop. As she left, Cedric appears from the shadow, happy that he now knows the identity of the missing princess. When Elyon placed the stone around her neck, it sends out bolts of green lightning all over the city. At that very moment, it hits the Heart of Kandrakar when Will was trying to de-transform themselves. To their horror, they can't transform back into humans and are without their elemental powers and the power of flight.

After a few misadventures, including the part where they avoid being seen by the Grumper sisters in an alley, the five of them made it back to the Silver Dragon. Luckily for them, Yan Lin was the one who opened the door and quickly got them inside for a quick cleaning, robes to cover their wings, and some hot food. They tell her how they lost their powers and Yan Lin theorized that it's probably because the mystical Stone of Threbe has been found.

Yan Lin tells them that a long time ago, Weira, the previous Queen of Meridian and mother of Phobos and Elyon, encountered the Stone. As a child, she and her parents were vacationing in the country side. One day, the young princess wandered too far away from her parents. The King and Queen were desperate to find their daughter and asked the Mage, who looks a hell lot younger and more beautiful than her older Ventress-liked self a few episodes earlier, for her help. The Mage used the Heart of Kandrakar to create the Stone of Threbe from a boulder, saying that it will help the King and Queen find Weira, drawing her towards it as it guides her back home and protect her from any threat. However, if they choose to use it, the Stone will work for anyone later on, even their enemies. Desperate, they used it anyway, and sure enough it worked. Once Weira was back home, her father threw the seven-pointed star into the Volcano of Mordor, I mean the Volcano of Threbe, hoping to destroy it. Alas, it couldn't be destroy and was discovered by his grandson's minions many years later. Because Phobos is trying to find his sister and that the Guardians are trying to prevent him from doing that, the Stone sees the Guardians as a threat and took away their powers. Why it made them stuck in Guardian form? I have no idea. They might be stuck like this for a few more hours...or forever. But that's not the worse part: their enemy now has an advantage.

To make things worse, Phobos had Cedric put a giant Venus flytrap monster through the Portal and attack the railroad. To distract the Guardians? The Guardians lament over the loss of their powers and how they shouldn't abuse it...yeah, but it still wouldn't have changed a thing. Blunk saw the plant monster and warned the girls, much to their annoyance. Caleb accompanied them and tried to help them fight the plant monster before the oncoming train derails. They barely made a dent on it without their powers, but being awesome, Caleb tells them regular people could do amazing things without super powers and if they could do it, so can the six of them. Without the aids of their magic, they grabbed a shovel, climbed the wall towards the monster, and stabbed that bad thing with said shovels.

Meanwhile, Elyon returned to the store and apologized to Cedric for stealing his window "ornament" and doesn't know why she did it. Cedric tries not to take it back, but Elyon insisted, since it was wrong of her to steal and the thing creeps her out. Unknown to her, giving the pendent back deactivate it, giving the Guardians back their powers. Just in time to kick that giant plant monster's butt...or roots, since plants don't have butts. Really? Okay, I know that the fight scene was kinda awesome, but I wished that the story had been about them still kicking butts and saving the day without their powers and they don't get their magic back until after it was over. So much for moral lesson in this story. At least they managed to save the train from being derailed, but Yan Lin tells them that Phobos now knows how his sister is and that the Guardians are totally screwed. On the bright side, Blunk got what he deserved when his dumpster took a trip through the local car wash.

Back at Ye Olde Bookstore, Elyon decided to take Cedric's offer for a part-time job after school.

:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:Overall Thoughts:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:

I hate to say this, but I hate this episode. Why? Why, since it continues the Missing Princess of Meridian arc and that's important? Well, it's not the main arc, but how they decided it was a good idea to focus on the girls giving a little troll a bath! Seriously? And parts of this episode doesn't really make any sense. I mean why does the Star of Threbe leaves the girls in their Guardian forms? Wouldn't it be more prudent to have them stuck as humans? Granted, I understand why the writers wanted to go this route in having them stuck in Guardian forms to make them learn their lessons when it comes to abusing their powers, but here's the thing: it's been done before! And another thing: the Guardians aren't being a threat to finding the princess. At least not at that moment. Look, in the flashback, Weira was shielded from anything that tries to come into contact and snatch her away as food. The Guardians were several miles away from Elyon! Heck, they didn't even know Elyon is the missing princess in order to stop her from going back to Cedric's bookstore. So why did the Stone perceived them as a threat and revoked their powers? I mean, their Guardian forms is a part of their magic, so if the Stone can revoke their magic, why not their transformation since it's a part of their magic?! Makes no sense!

Another thing: this episode tries to teach you how to not abuse your powers, especially magical powers. Granted, it's a nice twist, but it's not done very well in this episode. I mean, seriously, the girls abused their magic countless times in the previous episodes. Caleb and others kept reminding them not to, but they constantly gives us shitty justification: using magic to cheat because the transfer student is evil, using magic on my new history teacher because I think he's evil, using magic to give Blunk a bath because his smell is evil. One bullshit excuse after another. Seriously, they should had addressed this issue in this episode, making the girls reflect on their mistakes and learning their lesson. Why can't we have them learning to kick butts without their powers? Have them get their powers back after saving the day. If so, then I wouldn't have to give this episode a two-star rating.

And that's another thing...why Blunk? Why focus on this smelly piece of worthless character? Despite his finding of Portals, he's not very useful to the story. He's a waste of space and a waste of an episode! If he was a different character that's more interesting, I could forgive that. But know, he's boring, annoying, and a waste of space. The Guardians didn't need him in the comic so, unless he's awesome like Miranda and the Tracker, he's useless in this episode. Steve Blum, your voice acting talent is wasted on this poor excuse of an animated series only character. You're way more interested as Frost the Hunter or whatever.

Bottom line: this episode should have been better, but the execution is horribly done on so many levels that it lost one whole star on my rating chart. If it never mentioned how Elyon was found, I would have skipped this episode entirely.

:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:Stray Observation:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: Lurdens: ["PRECIOUS!"] (Yeah, it's a :Lord of the Rings: joke.)

:bulletblue: Blunk stinks in real life and stinks as a character in this show. Like the garbage that he is, he should be thrown away and never be seen again.

:bulletorange: 1000 years of searching? So I'm guessing that the royal family of Meridian must have really long lives...I mean, the last time the star was used was by Phobos's maternal grandfather!

:bulletgreen: Hay Lin: "We'll never catch him!"
Look on the bright side, he's away from the restaurant for now, right? So surely the health inspector can't fail it?

:bulletpurple: Will: "Okay, this is only supposed to be used for fighting evil...but that smell is as close to evil as I want to get! GUARDIANS, UNITE!
Seriously? Another bullshit excuse to abuse your transformation? Will, have you not learn anything after your race with Sondra?

:bulletwhite: Ah, Elyon's the missing princess?

:bulletblack: Okay, why do the girls have to transform to give Blunk a bath? They should still have a little bit of magic in their human form and enough to give the little piece of walking garbage a bath!

:bulletpink: Why...why...why? Why is this episode focusing on the girls trying to give a troll a bath?! WHY?!

:bulletblue: Cornelia: "Great, now we're muddy! And trust me, muddy is never in!"
Cornelia, you're the Guardian of Earth! Don't you have mud baths or something for beauty treatment? How ironic that you hate mud...even in the comics!

:bulletorange: Wait...the Star of Threbe takes away their magical power over the elements and magic of flight...but not their magical transformation?! WTF?!

:bulletgreen: Like Matt and a few characters, the Grumper sisters have their hair color changed in the animated version. They originally have dark, blue hair in the comics.

:bulletpurple: Wait...Weira, a little girl back then, wandered from her parents and they couldn't find her? C'mon, she's a little girl. I don't think she could have wandered very far without them noticing, especially when they're picnicking in an open field! Geez...and I thought the parents from "Rugrats" were inattentive!

:bulletwhite: Wow, the Mage looked nothing like her "Ventress" older self years later.

:bulletblack: Why is there a pterodactyl in Meridian medieval timeline?

:bulletpink: Yan Lin: "Her father threw the Star into the Volcano of Threbe, hoping to destroy it."
"It must be taken back deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came!" Yeah, I just had to make another LOTR joke here. ;p

:bulletblue: Wait, the Guardians weren't trying to prevent Elyon from returning back to Phobos at that time! They were giving Blunk a bath! How is that threatening Phobos's mission enough for the Star to revoke their powers? Do a better job in explaining how they lost their powers, writers!

:bulletorange: How a portal appeared in solid rock underground, I have no idea...and even so, how did Cedric found it to put the plant monster inside it?

:bulletgreen: Caleb is awesome again in this episode.

:bulletpurple: Blunk is soooo nasty that even the plant monster can't swallow him whole.

:bulletwhite: Why? Why have the Guardians get their powers back before they saved the day? Writers, I thought they should be a moral lesson to this story!

:bulletblack: Girls, you may have won the day so far, but you are totally screwed now that Phobos and Cedric know what the missing princess looked like.

:bulletpink: Will: "Okay, we will never take our powers for granted again..."
Sure...until next time...
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