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Hay Lin's theme song: Swifter

:star::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::star:Episode Review of W.I.T.C.H. Season 01 Episode 14: Parent's Night:star::bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::star:

Rating: :star::star::star::star-half:


Woah, they changed the opening theme song with a different singer in this episode! The version from the first 13 episodes was from the CD version. The new version sounds a little bit younger to me, but it's not bad at all. I don't mind since I like both versions. On with the episode review!

Cedric has already brought all three symbols of Elyon's body, mind, and spirit from the previous episode. Using them, Phobos performed the Ceremony of Algamation and created a golden crown for his sister. (I think it looked better as silver in the original comics.) Now that her defense against their powers and charm has weaken, Cedric must reveal to Elyon the truth about her birthright, and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Elyon prefers to spend more of her free time at Cedric's bookstore than at school and with her "so-called" friends. Cornelia and the other four seemed to be spending more time with each other and they didn't even bothered to ask Elyon if she wanted to join them. Of course, Elyon's unaware that whenever her friends are hanging out, they're actually trying to save the world from evil.

Cornelia shows up, inviting Elyon to walk to school with her, but Elyon decline. Wait, what? You just complained about Cornelia not letting in on the fun and being your best friend! Now Cornelia shows up to invite you to walk to school together and you just turned it down?! Meanwhile, Blunk is still keeping an eye on Elyon.

Meanwhile, the girls at school are talking about how bad and embarrassing it would be when Parent's Night is near. It's bad enough that your mom is writing her pet name for you as a kid on cookies and handing them out to your kids...okay, really? I'm starting to think a lot of adults in this show are seriously that stupid and ignorant. I'm certain that real parents wouldn't do this. At most, they'll just show your cute naked baby pictures and tell cute stories about you to others, but nothing that scarring. While the other girls, saved for Hay Lin who's excited to show her parents her school projects, aren't thrilled about Parent's Night, Will is even less enthusiastic because she got a letter grade "C" in her math! If Mrs. Rudolph shows her mom her current grade that night, she'll be grounded! The others are worried, because if Will's grounded then they can't transform and turned into Guardians!

They stopped their sentence suddenly when they realized Elyon was walking by and tried to change to pleasant greetings. Elyon doesn't buy their bullshit, knowing that whatever they're talking, she's not invited. This provokes Cornelia to petition her plea to tell Elyon the truth, but Will stubbornly says no. Principal Knickerbocker came in to show them all the fun things they'll have for Parent's Night, including animal-themed paper cups and a family tree chart donated by Cedric the bookstore owner. Don't you just love it when adults like Knickerbocker are so ignorant in this show? She thought it would be fun for all students to share their family tree, with no regards to those who were adopted or didn't come from a traditional nuclear family. Lady, we're living in the 21st century. Not all kids have biological parents! We'll discuss more about this later.

Elyon is mad at her parents, Eleanor and Thomas Brown, when they failed to put in photos of their other relatives. Elyon demanded why these other distant aunts, uncles, and cousins they speak of never called or visited them! Feeling isolated, Elyon stormed off into her room, leaving Thomas and Eleanor wondering if they should tell her the truth: her parents aren't even human and that they stole her away from a far away land to save her from Phobos. My god, just tell her, already! She's thirteen! I think she can handle the truth if you just sit her down and explain to her right calmly right now! Same thing goes for WITCH! Just tell her parents and all seven of you sit down and show her the truth and tell her your reasons for it!

Parent’s Night finally came, and Elyon is disappointed about her family tree chart, confiding in Cedric about her depression. Seeing his opportunity, Cedric drags Elyon away to show her something. Caleb saw the two of them walking out of the gym and realized that the bookstore owner’s face matches that of the one he saw when he was imprisoned near the beginning of the series. Yes, apparently the Clark Kent/Superman glasses do work in this world as well. Cedric tells Elyon the truth about her heritage by showing her the lack of her birth in Heatherfield’s City Hall records. To make his claims more concrete, he uses the Star of Threbe on Elyon’s adopted parents just as they were entering the dark school hallways. The seven-pointed star turned them into their true “monstrous” Meridian forms, terrifying Elyon.

Eleanor and Thomas Brown tried to tell her the truth, but it’s too late. Her anger towards them worked to Phobos advatanges. Whatever truths they try to tell her now only pushes her away. She has a brother and they didn’t even tell her about it?! Hurt, she ran off, leaving her parents to face Cedric. We assumed that he’ll summon his minions to arrest them.

Caleb  gathered the girls and told them to follow Elyon and Caleb outside. Cedric tells Elyon that she’s the lost princess of a magical world and if she goes with him, she’ll be much happier than she is now. The Guardians show up, shock to see Cedric’s human form as the bookstore owner. Cedric continued to play Elyon’s emotions and anger to his advantage, discrediting them as liars. Caleb attacked Cedric, forcing the Guardians to transform and take on the snake-man. Unfortunately, Cedric is doing a pretty damn good job of trying to retain his human form as he begged for Elyon’s help. Without thinking, Elyon attacked her friend with a shockwave of light, forcing them back. Seeing his chance, Cedric took Elyon to his bookstore and she agreed to go to Meridian with him. After all, what’s left for her here on Earth other than lying friends and fake parents?

The Guardians regrouped at the Silver Dragon, and Cornelia naturally blamed Will for this. I have to agree with Cornelia: if they had warned Elyon earlier, they probably wouldn’t have lost her to the dark side. What’s done is done. Now it’s time to wait for a Portal to appear and go in and get Elyon.
In Meridian, Phobos feigns sweet older brother-mode as he reunites with his sister and gave her a quick tour. He showed her a magical map of their planet and tricked Elyon into opening a portal which led them into the terrarium. Miniaturized, they are forced to fight against a ravenous freaky spider, but luckily Hay Lin’s knowledge of opening tight jars with hot water allowed them to escape through an opening. I didn’t know the middle ages have that sort of handles on containers.
They’ve failed to rescue Elyon and will have to regroup for another day. Time to find another Portal home, and hopefully they’ll return to normal sizes once they passed through. The episode closed on them witnessing Elyon’s adopted parents, Eleanor and Thomas Brown, being led away in chains by guards.  

:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:Overall Thoughts:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:

Why this episode was pretty good, it does have a few nitpicky moments that I want to tear into. First of all, the family tree thing. Man, Sheffield Institute is really not a school I want to attend, nor I want my kids to attend if I have any. We’ve already seen how terrible the teachers and the principals are when it comes to chaperoning students and giving them unjust detentions. In this episode, it went a little farther: having their students do a family tree chart.

Oh sure, it may seemed unlikely, but noticed how Knickerbocker goes around passing out the charts. She practically had the idea that all of her students have parents, without any regards to those who are adopted. This isn’t the 20th century where the idea nuclear family is consisted of a father, mother, child, and a sibling. Did you even considered those who were adopted or came from a foster home? What about the students who are orphaned, were raised by a single parent, aunts and uncles, or those raised by grandparents instead? What about kids who are wards with legal guardians like Batman and Robin? And did I mentioned children who have homosexual parents such as living with two dads or two moms?

I understand that they’re using this as a device for the plot to turn Elyon against her friends, but that just proves my point! Elyon’s Meridian parents are her adopted parents and I did mentioned students who are adopted earlier. So if you really think about it, Elyon’s not going to be the only students with gaps in her family tree chart. If you’ve read my WITCH fanfiction, “Dreams of Lusteria”, you’ll remember that some of the new main characters are orphaned and were raised by an uncle.

What about Caleb, as another example? Yeah, okay, we know that he does attend Sheffield for a short period of time in season two, but let’s just pretend that they decided to have him attend it now and he’s subjected to doing this assignment. Sure, he’ll provide info on his dad, but what about his mother? Caleb would be amongst those with a single parent! I’m curious to know if Will put up any pictures of her biological dad on her chart since her mom is supposed to be against him by moving here. My point is, modern family comes in all different types and its especially more recognizable in the 21st century, and did I mention that this series, both the original comics and the show, were produced in the early 2000s? Figures.

My other biggest beef with this episode are her parents and the Guardians. C’mon! Just tell her! If they didn’t want her to freak out about them being insane by mentioning magic, just don’t…at least not at first. You can say the truth without bringing up the magical worlds parts. Is it really that hard to say to her, “Darling, we’re not your real parents. You’re adopted. We brought you here from a very bad place with very bad people who can and would have hurt you!”

I’m just saying that there are children who were adopted from third world countries and war-torn-nations. Look at all those kids actress Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt adopted! Then, when Elyon’s a little bit older, tell her more details about her adoption and show her your truth form or something.

The Guardians, especially Will, had a lot of blames to this as well. Serves her right. I really do like the rift between her and Cornelia here again. After all, Cornelia’s the sensible wielder of the Earth, so she’s the only one with logic in her brain to want to tell Elyon the truth. Nobody listens to her and now they paid the price.
The battle at the end was pretty much a filler and it was slow. I think the miniaturization through a portal was based on a comic issue, although in the comic it was better done. Overall, this is a pretty intense episode and I really do like the first ¾ of it. Ignoring the annoying parts, I really do like how the character story went. Sure it could have gone a lot better and should still make a lot more sense, but in some ways it worked on its own. The last part with the battle felt slow and a little bit unwanted. I wished we had seen the Guardians try to get Elyon back, but the latter would gesture to the illusion of paradise around her, “You wanted to keep me away from all of this! You really are liars! Get out!”

:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:Stray Observation:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletgreen::bulletpurple:

:bulletpink: Her resistance to crossing is lowered? She never resisted Cedric’s charm in the first place?
:bulletblue: That crown looked so cheap in gold.

:bulletorange: What the hell, Elyon? You just complained about Cornelia not being your best friend and Cornelia JUST invited you to walk to school with her like a REAL FRIEND WOULD!

:bulletgreen: Okay, why are they showing us Cedric’s serpent’s arm when he’s not going to use it on Elyon? Pointless suspense.

:bulletpurple: Your pet name when you were a baby on cookies? I’m starting to think that all adults in this show are stubborn.

:bulletwhite: Will, just tell her! You’re not a very good leader sometimes.

:bulletblack: Don’t you just love it when Knickerbocker gave them their assignments with no regards to children who came from foster homes, are adopted, were raised by a relative, same sex parents, etc?

:bulletpink: My god, just tell her the truth! If you can’t show her your magical form, just at least tell Elyon that she was adopted and that you brought her here from a war-torn “nation”.

:bulletblue: Elyon, when an adult says something like, “I think it’s time I show you something”, you should really run because for all you know, he’s a pervert or worse!

:bulletorange: Really, Caleb? All it took was a Clark Kent/Superman glasses for you to not know it’s Cedric all this time?

:bulletgreen: Elyon, don’t you know that sometimes people lie to you for protection? Honesty isn’t always the best policies in some circumstances.

:bulletpurple: I kinda like how intense the character story is right here when Cedric turned Elyon against her friends with words and wits.

:bulletwhite: You gotta give Cedric credit for being able to maintain his human form when Will tried to use the Heart on him.

:bulletblack: Not fair? Will, it IS your fault that Elyon went over to the dark side!

:bulletpink: This spider battle kinda feels like a filler. They couldn’t show us a scene of the Guardians trying to bring Elyon back but she magically banished them with “You really are liars! You were trying to keep me away from my brother and all of this?! Get out!”

:bulletblue: Cornelia, you could have closed the crevice after the spider fell through.

:bulletorange: I didn’t know that the medieval age have those types of lids. It looked too modern!
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