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:star::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::star:That Darn Question: How old is Prince Phobos?:star::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletred::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::star:

Hello group members!

I've been doing this new journal features on my other group called :iconwitchandwinxclub: called "That Darn Question". It's where we analyze something about the W.I.T.C.H. series that we like. I thought it would be fun to do it here and for all of my W.I.T.C.H. related groups. So here's our first question:

"How old is Prince Phobos?"

Prince Phobos is the main antagonist in the first saga of the W.I.T.C.H. comic series as well as the older brother of Elyon Brown. Fans of both the comics and the animated series know that he somehow usurp his parents and stole the throne of Metamoor. He absorbed all the life energy of his world to make himself more powerful and it imply that he's been doing this for centuries, but he needs to absorb his sister's power as she's the legitimate ruler.

At first, Phobos was that mysterious main villain in the comic series. We don't see his face and when we do see him, it's not him fully. Even Cedric wasn't supposed to see him! In the comic series, Phobos communicate with Phobos and anyone important through the Whisperers, his Royal Court of evil plant spirits. No one is allow to lay eyes on him. Heck, even Elyon doesn't get to meet her brother face to face until issue #7. And when he does make his appearance to Lord Cedric, his face isn't shown to us. We only get to see him from behind or parts of his lower body in issue #6 "Illusions and Lies".

In the first few comic issues of W.I.T.C.H. Yan Lin said that because of him, the Guardians were created to protect the 12 portals between Metamoor and Earth. In issue nine, it is implied that generations of Guardians were appointed to stand up to him, including the five ancient Guardians (which I called N.Y.M.P.H.) as well as C.H.Y.K.N. Does that make Phobos centuries old? Maybe since it looked like he's in his late teens to his 20s when he took over the throne.

But then we saw this flashback of his from issue #46 "The Power of Courage".

Here, Phobos is just a little boy, probably around age 7-9 and his mother, Queen Weira, is holding his infant sister. Yeah, frankly its an inconsistent plothole on the fault of the scriptwriters, but it does make us question how old Phobos is. How can an 8-year old child like Phobos usurp his mother's throne when she, herself is a powerful ruler like all Queens of Metamoor? Did Elyon stay as a baby for years while her brother grew up? Unlikely. Was there a third party involved that made Phobos the way he is now?

Personally, I have my own theory: the magical life force of Metamoor and the Crown of Light. We know that Phobos bathed himself in a magical spring where the water is filled with the life force of his planet. My theory is that Phobos, as a child, must have discovered this secret chamber and absorbed the life force of the city of Meridian. Its magical property might have caused Phobos to age faster to that of a young man as well as making him more mature and brutally cunning. Not only that, it probably granted him enough power to steal his mother's Crown of Light and with it, allowed Phobos to caused the disappearance of his parents and seize the throne. But because he's not the legitimate ruler, he didn't get all the powers in the crown and with his mother gone, he can't absorb Weira's power. His next target is the infant Elyon but she was taken away before he got the chance to take her, leaving him with a useless crown and sucking up the rest of Meridian and Metamoor's life force for the next 14 years.

What do you guys think about Phobos's age?

14 years? But didn't CHYKN and previous Guardians go up against Phobos's tyranny? So how can it be 14 years? Yeah, we'll get to this question about time differences between Earth and Metamoor next time. Tune in!
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Hello and welcome to the CHYKN-Special Group, a club dedicated to the fan-comic, "CHYKN Special: The Untold Story." :boogie:

Here, fans can read more about their favorite former Guardians in a fan-comic special adapted by artist :icongalistar07water: .

At the same time, fans can even submit their own fanart and fanfiction about the former Guardians. And if they have their own version of the "Untold Story" about team CHYKN, then this is the place for them to share it with the world.

Members do not have to be artistic to join. This group encourages those who love team CHYKN to draw, write, and share their own creativity, regardless of their drawing style and skills.

Here are the rules for this group:

:bulletred: There is currently no limit to submissions, which can be done so daily.

:bulletpink: Your works must contain at least one of any characters from the CHYKN media works only (characters from the current team WITCH or original characters from the animated series is fine so long as it is submitted in the correct folder).

:bulletblue: OCs are permitted, but it must specifically tell us how or why it's related to CHYKN (and WITCH) media graphically or in your artist comment post boxes.

:bulletorange: Characters from other medias, such as Naruto, Harry Potter, Avatar the Last Airbender, etc, are fine, but they must be drawn with at least one character from the CHYKN media.

:bulletgreen: Keep it clean. No mature or erotic content, please. If it's too erotic or mature, it will be removed. This means that we do not accept "bloated" versions of a normal character either.

:bulletwhite: No bashing other peoples work. Please respect your fellow artists whether their skills are highly artistic or not.

:bulletpurple: DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ARTWORKS THAT YOU DIDN'T DRAW/CONTRIBUTE/ETC. ON YOUR OWN including actual WITCH comic scans, screen shots from the show, other people's work, etc. If any of the above is submitted by you, you will get a warning. If it continues, you will be banned from this group. Wallpapers, signatures, etc are acceptable but it must be YOUR edited wallpapers, signatures, avatars, etc. not others!

:bulletyellow: Please try to submit your works into the correct folders, by READING each gallery folder's description before doing so. The Featured folder is currently off limits to members, and only features various art based upon 'CHYKN Special: The Untold Story.'

:bulletblack: Have fun! That's what this group is about!




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* If you'd like to be affiliated with us (regardless of genre/purpose of your particular group), please feel free to do so, at any time! :heart: *


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